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About us

The IAO is the official alumni organisation of the IHS. It is set up as non-profit organisation according to Austrian regulations, and lead by a board which is elected every 2 years.

The board  Apr. 2016 - Apr. 2018 consists of: Dr. Katharina Seifert-Prenn, Dr. Peter Mayer, Mag. Oliver Prenn, Mag. Gertraud Fellner , Dr. Oliver Grabherr and Dr. Christian Helmenstein.

The Objectives of the IAO are:

  • Sharing of experiences and networking of IHS alumni between each other, and with the IHS institution.
  • In specific, the IAO wants to strengthen the link between science and economy as well as science and society.
  • Supporting research and lectures on the IHS and its partner institutions

The IAO is independent, and just lead by its members, the board elected by the members, and the statutory of the organisation. It is sustained only by membership fees, by sponsoring and non-monetary support. The majority of the organisational activities depend on the commitment and support of its members, who use their talents, ressources and free time to make the IAO work for all IHS alumni