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What is IAO?

For more than 40 years, hundreds of people have left the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS), taking with them a lot of intellectual experiences and inspiration. Many of us made friends with fellow scholars, and with the IHS people. At the same time, lots of relationships were lost over time, and we know that the IHS network could reach much further. So, IHS alumni decided to start an organisation; it is set up to share our experiences and ideas, and to bring together the IHS alumni across generations, across disciplines, and across national borders. We call this organisation IAO.

The idea behind IAO

As an organisation and as individuals, we want to be in touch with the research and education at the IHS, in order to profit from the insights of the scientific community and to add our experiences and know how to the IHS activities. We are also strongly committed to support the IHS institution, which contributed so much to our own career and intellectual biography.

The IAO is where you are

The IHS alumni and fellow researchers are living around the globe, in universities, research institutes, companies and institutions. The IAO activities are organised to meet you where you are. The internet and related communication means will help us to keep in touch, and an international network of contacts/representatives will be set up.